Your essential doula





Hello, I am a certified birth doula, trained lactation educator, and trained in aromatherapy.

My family and faith keep me grounded. 

My passion to becoming a doula started back in 2006 when supporting a family member. 

Over the years I continued to support close friends and family members during their birth and my passion for supporting women deepened.  


Why did you decide to become an Doula?

 I am a very passionate person, I love what I do, I find it such an honor and blessing to support women, to watch a new life come into the world and to see the start of something new is truly a beautiful thing!

 I will sincerely work with you, help support and empower you through this journey. I have experience in hospital births, birth center births, cesarean births, medicated and unmediated births. 

Each and every birth is unique and I have walked away from each one with a different experience and have learned so much!

 I look forward to the many years supporting other women during this time. 


What other services do you offer?


In addition to full service birth doula, I offer lactation education for my clients, and Aromatherapy during birth and postpartum care. 

There are many great benefits including:

• Increase general energy

• Allow a quicker return to health after birth

• Increase production of breast milk

• Decrease likelihood of baby blues and post-partum depression

• Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency

• Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders