Your essential doula



Your birth experience with a Your Essential Doula can include the following:

  • A free consultation 
  • Prenatal visit(s)
  • 24 hour telephone support
  • Guaranteed backup
  • Birth planning and preparation
  • Labor support in your home, hospital and/or birthing center
  • photographs/ video
  • Aromatherapy
  • Access to comfort recommendations.
  • Assistance with optimal fetal positioning 
  • Help with breastfeeding immediately following birth 
  • Assistance in unexpected circumstances with compassion and knowledge of resources

My rate will be discussed on a case by case basis in your free non-obligated interview.

What is a Doula?

A Doula (which may also be called Childbirth Assistants, Labor Support Professionals, Labor Coachs, or Birth Companions.) She does not replace the partner. Instead she helps support the partner so that he or she can love and encourage the laboring woman.

A Doula provides continuous, uninterrupted support throughout labor and delivery. She offers massage, suggestions for position changes, relaxation techniques,  reminders to stay hydrated and keep her bladder empty. She also believes in a woman's ability to birth her baby. 

Studies have shown that having a doula may decrease:

  • Epidural use by 60%
  • Cesarean birth by 50% 
  • Pitocin use by 40% 
  • Narcotics use by 30% 
  • Forceps use by 30%
  • Length of labor by 25%
  • Incidence of Postpartum Depression
  • Levels of Anxiety

As well as an increase of:

  • Successful Breastfeeding
  • A more positive birth experience
  • Higher chance of spontaneous vaginal birth
  • Having higher regard and increased sensitivity toward baby


Every woman deserves a Doula!

 There are so many benefits of having a doula!

I truly believe that every birthing woman deserves a doula!

Expecting or know someone who is? I would love to be that continuous support for you! Let's connect and talk more about how you can have the support you deserve.